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Available Kittens
    Our waiting list is maintained by e-mail and it is incumbent on the interested buyer to maintain contact on a regular basis; we're happy to answer email inquiries with an update on litter due dates.

We require all potential "cat parents" to review and sign a detailed sales contract. The contract is fairly detailed and states in part that the cat must not be declawed or allowed outdoors.

All kittens leave fully vaccinated for FVRCP, and have been examined by a licensed veterinarian and with a health and genetic health guarantee. Our catteries are FeLV and FIV negative. All of our cats are registered with CFA and sold with registration papers.

Our first priority for our breeding program IS our breeding program. Determining which cats, if any, have breeding and/or show potential can take time. Because of this, those cats deemed to be show quality or breeder quality take priority over general pet waiting list. Therefore, we reserve the right to not sell any cat until the time of sale. The determination as to whether a kitten will be available will be made no later than 14 weeks of age. Finding perfect homes for these babies is a major responsibility and one of the most difficult things we do. We screen thoroughly until we are sure that our precious ones are in homes where they will be cherished and pampered. We know our babies and their needs better than anyone and as such, we reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone at any time.

At Friemoth Family Cats, we take great pride in raising our kittens in our home with our family, providing premium nutrition, and preventative veterinary care, ensuring that you will get a well adjusted, healthy, and loving pet that will have a life expectancy of 13-20 years. We do not allow our kittens to leave our home until they are 16 weeks of age, and all kittens and retired adults will have been completely vaccinated, spayed or neutered, as well as having a written health guarantee. We prefer to sell our kittens as pets or into show alter homes, but occasionally consider allowing them go with breeding rights to select homes. If you are interested in a kitten as a breeder, please email credentials as well as personal, professional, and veterinarian references for consideration. Below you will find pictures of the kittens and retired adults we have available in all breeds.
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 Available Kittens

American Bobtails and Sphynx:

Shelbie Cattery has American Bobtail and Sphynx kittens available, as well as retired American Bobtail adults looking for forever homes. Please visit for more details.

Colorpoint Shorthair/Balinese/Orientals:

We will have Balinese and Oriental Longhair kittens available in the fall. Please stay tuned for future updates. 

Japanese Bobtails:

We will have Japanese bobtail kittens and retired adults available in the fall. Please stay tuned for future updates.

Retired Adults

GC NuDawnz Sticks & Stones 


"Esses" is an Ebony Tortoiseshell Oriental longhair female born March 29th, 2009. She is a CFA Grand Champion, as well as a cat that produced us many lovely kittens who will soon earn the highest title a breeding cat can achieve, Distinguished Merit. She has given us so much and we love her dearly, so we are listening to her wishes in that she would really enjoy being an only cat (or queen over a couple of low key neuters). She is very sweet but not overly demanding for attention. She is talkative but has a quiet voice. She is very good for grooming and bathing. Please contact us if you'd like to give her a forever home. 


Ja-Koi's Hanabishi of Chome Chai


"Red" is a two year old Japanese Bobtail shorthair male that will be retired from breeding in the fall and looking for his forever home.

We are helping a friend find good forever homes for a litter as "oops" happens sometimes...and whoever adopts these babies are going to have beautiful, loving companions! These guys were an accidental breeding between a Japanese Bobtail and an Oriental longhair, and there are males and females available. They are located in Southeast Michigan. Please contact Anne at to adopt one today! 

Congrats to our 2014-2015 Winners!

GP/NW Chome Chai Tomoshibi of NuDawnz - CFA's 7th Best Cat in Premiership globally and highest scoring Japanese Bobtail in Premiership, as well as the Great Lakes Region's 5th Best Cat in Premiership

GC/BW/RW Shelbie Magnum Opus of NuDawnz - Southwest Region's 6th Best Kitten, 13th Best Cat in Championship, and CFA's Best American Bobtail: Longhair division globally

GP/RW NuDawnz The White Walker of Shelbie - Southwest Region's 3rd Best Cat in Premiership and CFA's highest scoring American Bobtail in Premiership

GC/BW NuDawnz Tropical London - CFA's Best Balinese: Javanese Division

NuDawnz Burning River of Chome Chai - CFA's 5th Best Abyssinian Kitten

GC/BW/NW NuDawnz Yukon Cornelius, DM - 2nd Generation Male Distinguished Merit