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Available Kittens
    Our waiting list is maintained by e-mail and it is incumbent on the interested buyer to maintain contact on a regular basis; we're happy to answer email inquiries with an update on litter due dates.

We require all potential "cat parents" to review and sign a detailed sales contract. The contract is fairly detailed and states in part that the cat must not be declawed or allowed outdoors.

All kittens leave fully vaccinated for FVRCP, and have been examined by a licensed veterinarian and with a health and genetic health guarantee. Our catteries are FeLV and FIV negative. All of our cats are registered with CFA and sold with registration papers.

Our first priority for our breeding program IS our breeding program. Determining which cats, if any, have breeding and/or show potential can take time. Because of this, those cats deemed to be show quality or breeder quality take priority over general pet waiting list. Therefore, we reserve the right to not sell any cat until the time of sale. The determination as to whether a kitten will be available will be made no later than 14 weeks of age. Finding perfect homes for these babies is a major responsibility and one of the most difficult things we do. We screen thoroughly until we are sure that our precious ones are in homes where they will be cherished and pampered. We know our babies and their needs better than anyone and as such, we reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone at any time.

At Friemoth Family Cats, we take great pride in raising our kittens in our home with our family, providing premium nutrition, and preventative veterinary care, ensuring that you will get a well adjusted, healthy, and loving pet that will have a life expectancy of 13-20 years. We do not allow our kittens to leave our home until they are 16 weeks of age, and all kittens and retired adults will have been completely vaccinated, spayed or neutered, as well as having a written health guarantee. We prefer to sell our kittens as pets or into show alter homes, but occasionally consider allowing them go with breeding rights to select homes. If you are interested in a kitten as a breeder, please email credentials as well as personal, professional, and veterinarian references for consideration. Below you will find pictures of the kittens and retired adults we have available in all breeds.

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 Available Kittens

American Bobtails:

Shelbie & Kel-C-Katz are offering these lovely CFA registered American Bobtails to a forever home. They will leave spayed or neutered and will be ready to leave in June & July. Please email for more information.


  • Black and white shorthair American Bobtail natural short-tailed male out of Ty and Curry. He was born February 14th. 

  • Chocolate classic tabby longhair American Bobtail tailed female out of Opie and Pebbles. She was born February 16th. 

  • Chocolate ticked tabby longhair American Bobtail natural short-tailed female out of Opie and Pebbles. She was born February 16th. 





 NuDawnz is compiling a wait list for our summer litters. Please email with "Ragdoll Wait list" in the subject line to join.


Our wait list is currently closed to accommodate those already waiting in a reasonable timeframe. Please feel free to check back in 2023.


American Shorthairs:

NuDawnz is planning two American Shorthair litters in the spring. Wait list requests are being accepted.


Colorpoint Shorthair/Balinese/Orientals:

NuDawnz is accepting wait list requests for shorthaired kittens for our summer litters. Our Balinese wait list is currently closed until 2023.




Japanese Bobtails:

We are accepting wait list requests for Longhaired and shorthaired kittens ready to leave for their new homes in the fall. 


Retired Adults

GC Shelbie Arctic Willow, DM


"Willow" is a brown spotted tabby American Bobtail longhair spayed female who was born 6/1/16. She has been retired from breeding and showing and is looking for her forever home. She is a large female and is very outgoing and sweet. Please email for more information.


"Kurtsy" is a cinnamon ticked tabby Abyssinian female born 2/14/20. We purchased her from another breeder to add diversity to our breeding program, but she was unable to produce kittens. She will be available to a forever home once she recovers from her spay. She is up to date on all vaccines and is microchipped. Please email for more information.


GP KarionAZ Tahitian Pearl of NuDawnz


"Pearl" is a marble Bengal spay born 7/3/20 who is a retired show cat and looking for her forever home. She is up to date on her vaccines and is microchipped. She would do well in a home with dogs and small children, as well as other cats with dominant personalities. Please email for more information.


NuDawnz Trouble Maker


"Trouble" is a seal tortie point Balinese female who was born 3/29/17, has been retired from breeding, and is looking for her forever home. She is very playful, outgoing, and would do well in a home with dogs and small children, as well as other cats with dominant personalities. Please email for more information.







Congrats to our 2021-2022 Winners!

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) 


GC, BWR, NW NUDAWNZ DOBUTSU NO MORI - CFA's BEST CAT, R1-9, CFA's Best Japanese Bobtail Longhair and first Japanese Bobtail to achieve best in any competitive category. GLR's Best Cat in Championship.

GC, NW SHELBIE'S DRESSED FOR SUCCESS - CFA's 17th Best Kitten, R1-9, SWR's Best Kitten

GP, NW NUDAWNZ MON AMOUR OF CECCHETTI - CFA's 9th Best Cat in Premiership, GSR's Best Cat in Premiership. NuDawnz First CFA NW Aby of our own breeding. 

GC, BWR, RW SHELBIE'S JUDITH GRIMES - CFA's Best American Bobtail LH, R1-9. SWR's 16th Best Cat in Championship

GC, BWR, RW NUDAWNZ SHE'S KEROSENE - CFA's Best  Balinese - Javanese, R1-9, GLR's 15th Best Kitten


GP, RW SHELBIE'S OWEN FILIUM - SWR's 9th Best Cat in Premiership

GP, RW SHELBIE'S REDFORD FILIUM - SWR's 16th Best Cat in Premiership

GC SHELBIE'S BETH GREENE - CFA's 2nd Best American Bobtail - LH, R1-9

GC SHELBIE'S MULSI FILIA - CFA's 3rd Best American Bobtail - LH, R1-9

GC NUDAWNZ AT LAST - National Best All Other Pointed & White Ragdoll, R1-9

GC RAGMAGIC ALLWENEEDIS A DREAM - National 2nd Best Seal Point & White Ragdoll, R1-9


Disginguished Merits:

GC, BW, NW SHELBIE MAGNUM OPUS OF NUDAWNZ, DM - Seal Mink Ticked Tabby LH American Bobtail Male

GC NUDAWNZ RASTABAN, DM - Chocolate Lynx Point Colorpoint Shorthair Male

GC SHELBIE ARTIC WILLOW, DM - Brown Mac Tabby LH American Bobtail female

GC SHELBIE'S PYRITE, DM - Brown Sptd Tabby LH American Bobtail female

TALETALKERS PIPPIE LONG TAIL, DM - Silver Tabby LH American Bobtail Male