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American Bobtail

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    American Bobtail - The American Bobtail is one of CFA's newest breeds, being accepted for registration and Miscellaneous status in 2000 and Championship status in 2006. We are very proud to have worked through the Miscellaneous and Provisional status with our cats and have now become CFA's foremost breeder of American Bobtails. The American Bobtail is a natural mutation and a "working breed" of cat and should possess all of the qualities of a natural hunting cat. They are medium to large in size, with males weighing from 12-25 pounds and females from 8-16 pounds. They come in both longhair and shorthair. They are extremely intelligent, loving, and very playful. We like to say that they are dogs in cat's clothing as they love to carry things around in their mouth and can easily be trained to play fetch and walk on leashes, wagging their little tails all the while. The American Bobtail is great for kids because they do not mind being carried around like a sack of potatoes, but would fit well into any living situation. Their coat requires some upkeep because it is very dense. We recommend bathing every 1-2 months and weekly combing with a metal toothed comb. Because the American Bobtail is such a new breed and we are still allowed to bring in foundation stock, the gene pool for the breed is virtually unlimited, therefore making the American Bobtail an extraordinarily healthy breed with no known hereditary issues and also having a substantial life span. The average pet price range of an American Bobtail kitten $800-$1500. We occasionally have young retired adults available, and their price range is from $300-500. Some of the colors of American Bobtails that we work with are solids, parti-colors, tabbies, lynx points, minks, and sepias.






Congrats to our 2018-2019 Winners!

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) 

GC/BWR/NW Doll Villa Dora the Explorer - CFA R1-9's 5th Best Cat in Championship & 11th Best Kitten, and Great Lakes Region's 2nd Best Cat in Championship & 3rd Best Kitten, as well as CFA R1-9's Best Ragdoll Cat & Highest scoring Ragdoll kitten, Co-owned by Lorna Friemoth & Lauren Tan

GP/NW Shelbie's Odina - CFA R1-9's 21st Best Cat in Premiership & Southwest Region's 3rd Best Cat in Premiership

GC/AGN/NW A-Kerr's Vanna Rusa - CFA R1-9's 20th Best Cat in Championship & 2nd Best Bengal as well as 9th Best Cat in Agility, and Great Lakes Region's 4th Best Cat in Championship, Best Bengal & Best in Agility, Co-owned by Lorna Friemoth & Samantha Kerr

GC/BWR/RW NuDawnz Atowotsugu - CFA R1-9's Best Japanese Bobtail - Longhair Division & Great Lakes Region's 6th Best Cat in Championship

GC/BWR/RW Shelbie's Michonne - CFA R1-9's Best American Bobtail - Longhair Division and Southwest Region's 14th Best Cat in Championship

GC/RW NuDawnz Tomoshiraga - CFA R1-9's 2nd Best Japanese Bobtail - Longhair Division & Great Lakes Region's 25th Best Cat in Championship

GP/DW Shelbie Sir Reginald of Cornyherd - Best Cat in Premiership - Hong Kong (thank you to Cherry Ann and Donald for showing him!)

GC/RW KSHC Descendants of NuDawnz - CFA Great Lakes 9th Best Cat in Championship

GC/BWR/RW Purricurls's S Kiana - CFA R1-9's Best American Curl - - Longhair Division & Southwest Region's 19th Best Kitten, co-owned by Shelby & Lorna Friemoth & Larisa Zhou

GC/RW Benhome Bagira Zidan of A-Kerrs - CFA R1-9's 3rd Best Bengal and Southwest Region's 12th Best Cat in Championship, co-owned by John & Shelby Friemoth & Samantha Kerr

GP/RW Shelbie's Primium Filium - Southwest Region's 12th Best Cat in Premiership (thank you, Roberta, for showing him!)

GC/BW/RW NuDawnz Time Bomb, DM - Balinese Male Distinguished Merit

Shelbie The Ticked Rose, DM - American Bobtail Female Distinguished Merit